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Non-ITAR GPS Anti-Jammer



Antenna Connectors (P/A)

50Ω SMA 2.75 - 3.3VDC, designed for 26dB ±2dB gain

Receiver Connector (R)

50Ω SMA requires 3.7 - 32VDC <1W

Safety & Compliance

FCC, CE, and RoHS Compliant


GPSdome is a device that provides protection against GPS jamming and ensures continuity of autonomous navigation and operation during jamming conditions. It is an add-on or retrofit solution that is small, light, affordable and easily installed. GPSdome suits a wide variety of GPS-dependent applications including military.

Key Features

–        CRPA null steering technology

–        Small form factor: 70 x 48 x 24mm, 150g

–        Minimal power consumption: <0.75W

–        IP67, -40°C to +85°C

Enhanced Null Steering

The Null Steering Algorithm was originally developed for military applications to protect wireless signals. GPSdome infuses sophisticated algorithms and proprietary RFIC to detect suspicious signals, combine antenna patterns and precisely target a null in the direction of the hostile signal.

Ideal for Many Applications

–        UAVs

–        Ground Vehicles

–        Autonomous Platforms

Click to download the GPSdome data sheet. 

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