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Sales Manager

2019 GPS Week Rollover: Assurance Made Easy

As an engineer testing navigation systems, it is critical to be be hardware-prepared, able to conduct post-event analysis with ease, and to understand and interpret your data with clarity and confidence.

Technical Engineering Manager

Addressing Assured PNT needs through Open Standards

This white paper guides engineering staff, integrators, and decision makers in recognizing the need for assured PNT in modernized systems. The adoption of open standard elements leads to improvements in technical performance and sustainment of systems...

Director of Engineering

An Engineer’s Guide to CRPA Testing

This guide discusses applications and use cases for CRPAs, and methods for testing them. It explores various test solutions available today, and helps you choose the right solution for your specific application.

Applications Engineer

Automating The Advanced GNSS Spoofing Simulation Tutorial

This paper provides a step-by-step walk-through on how to start the intuitive automation process and an example script from the Advanced GNSS Spoofing Simulation Tutorial.

Applications Engineer

BroadSim Flex Power Application Note

Did you know that all BroadSim users can easily and automatically adjust the signal power of any code type for the satellites in your scenario? This free Flex Power feature can come in handy when creating scenarios for your unit under test...

Applications Engineer

BroadSim's Real-Time Terrain Effects

Establishing realistic terrain effects within a NAVWAR simulator is becoming a highly sought-after feature when testing PNT systems for the warfighter. The BroadSim Product Family now provides a real-time Terrain Plug-In solution...

Applications Engineer

Controlling Power & Pseudorange Offsets of a Repeater Threat

This paper outlines how to turn on/off spoofers and repeaters, adjust their power, and set a pseudorange offset. An example scenario will show the manual process by configuring the Skydel instances and the automated process by utilizing Skydel’s Python API.

Director of Engineering

Defense PNT in Challenged Environments

Reliance of GPS in modern land-warfare systems, potential effects of GPS disruption on their operation and considerations for protecting their ability to continue operating in a GPS-disrupted environment.

Applications Engineer

Doppler Effects on Spaceborne PNT Applications

More space missions are taking place in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). Newer, more advanced receivers are needed to have sufficient PNT capabilities. Doppler shifts experienced on these missions will be high, however, robust testing to ensure mission success is achievable...

Director of Business Development, Navigation Systems

Equipment Pointing & Radar Directional Capabilities For Defense Applications

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) that provide true north-finding capabilities is an extremely helpful and flexible alternative because it allows vehicles to have high accuracy orientation capabilities for their mounted weapons or radar payloads.

Director of Products

GPS Receiver Testing: From the Lab to the Field

"Fun" and "productive" aren't your typical words used to describe testing. But with PANACEA, testing is more than just a task. Capture meaningful data, get quicker results with less effort and make decisions.

Sales Manager

How to Defend Against Interference at Sea

GPS jamming and spoofing attacks pose a great risk to vessels at sea, causing them to drift into hostile waters unknowingly. A solution is here and available today, ready to defend and protect.

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