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Inertial Navigation Systems

Safran Federal Systems is now one of the only companies with a full complement of PNT technologies with the addition of proven inertial navigation solutions.

Hemispherical Resonator Gyro (HRG) Crystal™ technology leverages state-of-the-art manufacturing and offers revolutionary performance and reliability over existing technologies, for tactical to strategic applications across all domains. With more than 30,000 HRGs produced and over 15 million operational hours, the technology is proven and tested in military applications worldwide.

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Land true-inertial navigation

Geonyx™ is a land true-inertial navigation, target geolocation & artillery pointing system - designed for navigation, geolocation and equipment pointing. It can achieve a pointing accuracy of <0.5 mils thanks to HRG Crystal technology. It has quick and flexible alignment - even in GNSS denied environments. And it is the most compact, robust and reliable inertial navigation system on the market.




Land platform inertial navigation unit

Epsilon provides navigation (position & heading), aiming aid, and driving aid to mobile mission systems, even in GNSS denied environments, from logistic to infantry fighting vehicles, as well as main battle tank. Epsilon™ can be integrated with small artillery caliber to provide precision pointing, is connectable to any Battle Management Systems and immune to magnetic disturbances.




VersaPNT + Geonyx

Highly Accurate Position, Navigation, & Timing for GPS Challenged Environments

The Versa-GEONYX brings together the precise timing capabilities of the VersaPNT and the high performance navigation and pointing HRG technology of the GEONYX to provide a best- in-class, highly reliable, ruggedized navigation and timing solution. The Versa-GEONYX performs in even the harshest propagation environments.

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