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PANACEA Field Test

PANACEA Field Test


Optional Hardware Accessories

Frequency counter, Pulse Per Second (PPS) relay switch

PPS Accuracy

Supports measurement of up to 16 receivers simultaneously


PANACEA Field Test (PANACEA FT) is a software tool designed to allow for easy data collection from multiple receivers in a real-world environment where the GNSS receivers are connected to an antenna. All the data is logged, time-stamped, and automatically compared to the configured truth source.

Real-Time Visualization

By configuring a truth source, position, time, velocity, date, and other error plots and tables can be automatically generated for all receivers. The PANACEA FT GUI plots receiver's position in real time overlaid on open street maps. This allows real-time visualization of how all connected receivers are performing in the environment compared to the truth source

Builder and Runner

The Builder allows you to configure hardware that is connected to your computer such as GNSS receivers, a frequency counter, PPS switch, Signal Hound or time interval counter. You can also specify LLA coordinates used as truth locations. While PANACEA simultaneously communicates with up to 32 Units Under Test (UUT), the Runner shows real-time UUT information while recording all receiver data in files for post-processing.


Instant Visual Analysis

PANACEA Field Test is ideal for applications requiring data collection from multiple GPS/GNSS receivers simultaneously while instantly providing visuals for analysis and error calculation. Typically this software is used in field testing environments where the GPS/GNSS receivers and other equipment are configured inside of a mobile vehicle or at a building on the test range.

Hardware Accessories

Power resources, space, and equipment are often limited which means having efficient tools can be the difference between collecting data from 2 receivers and collecting data on 20 receivers. Having the right equipment is critical. PANACEA FT comes with optional hardware accessories such as a frequency counter and Pulse Per Second (PPS) relay switch, which are integrated into the software suite.

Accuracy Made Effortless

Measuring a receivers PPS accuracy is easier than ever with PANACEA FT, as it controls the frequency counter and PPS relay switch, supports the measurement of up to 16 receivers simultaneously, and the user never worries about configuring the system. The PPS measurement dwells on each channel for 1 second before jumping to the next channel (e.g. 4 Rx’s = 1 PPS measurement every 4 seconds for each Rx).

Putting it All Together

Equipment Needed Without Time Measurement

  • Laptop

  • GPS/GNSS receivers

  • GPS/GNSS antenna

  • Data cables to connect the receivers to your computer

  • For multiple UUTS: RF splitter/combiner

  • For multiple UUTS: RF cables to connect receivers

Equipment Needed With Time Measurement

  • Everything listed adjacently, plus:

  • Agilent 53230 frequency counter

  • For multiple UUTS: 16-port PPS switch

Click to download the PANACEA Field Test data sheets. 

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