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Electronic Warfare

There are many forms of electronic warfare in today's modern battlefield. One of the more common arenas is within the Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) realm - or what our industry refers to as NAVWAR (Navigation Warfare). With expertise that goes back 30+ years, this is where Safran Federal Systems thrives.

NAVWAR and EW  •  Testing Capabilities  •  Field Solutions  •  Offensive Capabilities

How does NAVWAR differ from other forms of Electronic Warfare (EW)?

NAVWAR is a subset of Electronic Warfare that targets GPS and other PNT signals or sensors in which the warfighter depends upon. Typically, people think of GPS in the way that most people use it today – on a screen on their phone or in their car, getting you from point A to point B.

But what people don’t realize is how just how many mission-critical systems rely on GPS to function, and how vulnerable it is to attack. For example, a warfighter's precise location is needed for rescue. If their systems are attacked electronically and they lose their GPS position, it can have devastating consequences. 

NAVWAR on the EW spectrum
Addressing today's challenges in Electronic Warfare

From the lab to the field, Safran’s Electronic Warfare solutions back the warfighter at many crucial stages: Test, Detect, and Defeat. Safran’s proven expertise in GPS jamming & spoofing simulation and protection has enabled them with the ultimate toolkit for EW capability. Your mission can start taking advantage today by inquiring about our capabilities.

Why is NAVWAR testing important?

Protecting your systems in the field starts in the lab. How do you give warfighters the confidence that their systems will continue to perform in a theatre abundant with NAVWAR attacks? This is where Testing & Simulation are extremely important. You want to know before you go to the field, how your systems are going to react to all types of threats.

Testing Capabilities
Testing with BroadSim

Safran offers a range of simulator solutions that support applications from underwater to outer space. This is all achieved through BroadSim, our flagship line of software-defined simulators.

  • Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your needs

  • Choose or customize the solution that gives you the tools required to achieve mission success

  • Powerful GPU-driven platform

  • Easily scaled to support signal capacity and high dynamics

  • Skydel software/interface is shared across all BroadSim simulators

Going from the lab to the field

Situational awareness in the field is another important aspect of protecting your systems that Safran address through two of its solutions, BroadShield and BroadSense. Both give situational awareness to the warfighter by detecting GPS Jamming and Spoofing signals in the environment in real-time, based on the same patented algorithms which have been proven to be successful in the field for close to 15 years, and are continuously updated and improved to address the latest emerging threats.

  • An embedded software solution

  • Easy integration into a user’s system

  • Detects malfunctions/anormalities

  • Quickly verifies if it's NAVWAR attack

  • Can be programmed to send alerts or switch to a backup source so there’s no interruptions in service.


BroadSense Nano

  • A handheld sensor device

  • Low-cost, size, weight, and power

  • Used for on-the-go situational awareness

  • Is easily carried or mounted

  • Screen displaying critical information

    • Jamming, spoofing, and J/S

  • Integrated or external antenna options

Field Solutions
Going on the offense

Safran's proven expertise and experience in testing and simulation, along with defensive measures like detection, has allowed them to be extremely proficient in channeling that technology for fielded systems. Inquire today about Safran's capabilities to learn about the success they’ve already been able to demonstrate and how it’s being used to aid the warfighter.

Offensive EW Capabilities
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