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SecureSync Time & Frequency Reference System

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Timing Signals

10 MHz Sine Output, BNC

Network Services

NTP v2, v3, v4
SNTP v3, v4
PTP v2

Security Features

TLS v1.2, v1.3

GNSS Frequencies

GPS L1, Galileo E1, GLONASS L1, BeiDou B1, QZSS L1


Resilient Timing depends on securing the time
reference acquisition and timescale keeping,
in the face of GNSS interference. Government
recommendations, like the Executive Order in
the US or the Cybersecurity Act in European
Union, pave the way for future regulations in this

The SecureSync product ecosystem offers a
number of solutions to address GNSS threats.
With a layered-defense approach, each protective
layer increases the sophistication required to
compromise, minimizing chances for successful

SecureSync relies on the proven Interference
Detection Suite, allowing jamming and spoofing
detection. Threats are mitigated by highperformance
internal oscillators, or through
strong modularity and choice of input interfaces,
building redundancy into the timing system

Whatever your industry, there is a cost-effective
SecureSync configuration that keeps your time
distribution accurate and available.

Option Module Cards

Add only the features you need by selecting SecureSync® option cards. Up to six cards can be accommodated per unit. Order them as part of the original configuration, or add them to an installed unit to keep up the changing needs of your system. If you do not see a feature that you need, please contact us to discuss customizing a card.

SecureSync Option Cards

Click to download the SecureSync data sheet. 

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