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Form Factors

Rugged design
Conduction-cooled ready
Conformal coating available

Available References

GNSS synchronization
SAASM GPS option
IRIG timecode

Internal clock

Timing Functions

IRIG timecode generator
1PPS output
10MHz output
Event time-tagging
Time-match/alarm signal

Flexible, Embedded Time

Safran Federal Systems' TSync time code processors are complete, synchronized timecode reader/generator boards and peripheral slot cards, offering flexibility and easy integration for mission-critical embedded applications.

Complete & Accurate Synchronization

Each board’s precision onboard clock/
oscillator is phase-locked to a wide variety of external timing references and provides 5 ns resolution to the time-keeping hardware. Typical reference signals include GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SAASM GPS, IRIG and 1 PPS.

Application Adaptability

If a new application or change in deployment requires a different feature set, we can support it. TSync boards offer a high degree of customization and field upgradability. Driver packages are available to configure your board using interrupt-driven algorithms.

Time Code Processors

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Click to download the TSync data sheet. 

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