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PNT Library

Dig into real-world PNT and GNSS applications.

Doppler Effects on Spaceborne PNT Applications

More space missions are taking place in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). Newer, more advanced receivers are needed to have sufficient PNT capabilities. Doppler shifts experienced on these missions will be high, however, robust testing to ensure mission success is achievable...

Joshua Prentice

Applications Engineer

BroadSim's Real-Time Terrain Effects

Establishing realistic terrain effects within a NAVWAR simulator is becoming a highly sought-after feature when testing PNT systems for the warfighter. The BroadSim Product Family now provides a real-time Terrain Plug-In solution...

Jaemin Powell

Applications Engineer

Skydel Wavefront Calibration Tech Brief

Skydel has eliminated calibration inefficiencies by autonomously time, phase and power aligning the signals for you. Now you can focus on the more important tasks of testing, verifying, and validating your CRPA navigation system’s performance without calibration concerns.

Jaemin Powell

Applications Engineer

Automating The Advanced GNSS Spoofing Simulation Tutorial

This paper provides a step-by-step walk-through on how to start the intuitive automation process and an example script from the Advanced GNSS Spoofing Simulation Tutorial.

Jaemin Powell

Applications Engineer

LEO PNT: Developing Simulation Environments Alongside New LEO Constellations

This whitepaper explains the importance of simulation in response to new constellations, the benefits of developing a test environment alongside the development of the constellations, and how a flexible system is best equipped for the advent of new LEO constellations...

Alaiya Tuntemeke-Winter

Application Engineer

Miniature Rb Atomic Clock Improves Military Communications Performance

This whitepaper was adapted from material presented at the 2021 Joint Navigation Conference by David Garigen (Orolia Defense & Security). Co-Authors Include: Alaiya Tuntemeke-Winter (Orolia Defense and Security), Serge Grop (Orolia), and Stavros Melachroinos (Orolia).

Multiple Contributors

ODS & Orolia

Raytheon Selects Orolia’s Time and Frequency Platform to Support Next-Gen Missile Defense System

Raytheon Technologies (Raytheon) was selected by the U.S. Army to provide its next-generation, 360-degree-capable radar in October 2019. Raytheon chose Orolia to provide a customized mobile time and frequency reference system to support the LTAMDS radar program...

Case Study

Orolia Defense & Security

An Engineer’s Guide to CRPA Testing

This guide discusses applications and use cases for CRPAs, and methods for testing them. It explores various test solutions available today, and helps you choose the right solution for your specific application.

Tim Erbes

Director of Engineering

Addressing Assured PNT needs through Open Standards

This white paper guides engineering staff, integrators, and decision makers in recognizing the need for assured PNT in modernized systems. The adoption of open standard elements leads to improvements in technical performance and sustainment of systems...

Brent Abbott

Technical Engineering Manager

BroadSim Flex Power Application Note

Did you know that all BroadSim users can easily and automatically adjust the signal power of any code type for the satellites in your scenario? This free Flex Power feature can come in handy when creating scenarios for your unit under test...

Jaemin Powell

Applications Engineer

Controlling Power & Pseudorange Offsets of a Repeater Threat

This paper outlines how to turn on/off spoofers and repeaters, adjust their power, and set a pseudorange offset. An example scenario will show the manual process by configuring the Skydel instances and the automated process by utilizing Skydel’s Python API.

Jaemin Powell

Applications Engineer

ION Joint Navigation Conference 2019 Abstract

Impact of Temperature and High Vibration in Ground, Shipboard and Aircraft Platforms on GPS-disciplined, Low Phase Noise, Time and Frequency References.

Timothy Tetreault

Lead Engineer

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