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SecureSync M-Code Mission Timing and Synchronization

SecureSync M-Code



Choice of more than 40 option cards


10 MHz and 1 pps
TTL pulse, RS232/RS485, IRIG AM /DCLS2


Dual (redundant), hot swappable power supply with AC, 12 VDC or 24/48 VDC power modules


Detailed event logs, real-time health and operation status, timing performance graphs, and alerts.


SecureSync® M-Code is an advanced mission timing and synchronization solution that offers exceptional reliability, security and flexibility to support Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). It combines Safran's precision time and frequency technology with an ultra-secure M-code GPS receiver.


The latest generation of modernized security architecture, modernized anti-spoofing and anti-jamming for GPS-degraded environments, operations in mixed P(Y)-code and M-Code constellations, accelerated Direct-Y and Direct-M code acquisitions, and Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR). SecureSync M-code provides better than 41 dB J/S while tracking and better than 54 dB J/S  while providing cryptographic key retention without battery backup.


–       Military M-code and P(Y)-code receiver
–       Multi-GNSS synchronization
–       Alternative Navigation option
–       GPS jamming and spoofing detection option
–       Internal precision timekeeping
–       Configure a wide variety of  input/ output signals
–       Exceptional operating temperature range
–       High bandwidth NTP
–       PTP v2 Master/Slave

Mission-critical military applications will benefit from SecureSync M-Code’s extreme reliability, security, and flexibility.

Option Module Cards

Add only the features you need by selecting SecureSync® option cards. Up to six cards can be accommodated per unit. Order them as part of the original configuration, or add them to an installed unit to keep up the changing needs of your system. If you do not see a feature that you need, please contact us to discuss customizing a card.

SecureSync Option Cards

Click to download the SecureSync M-Code data sheet. 

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