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BroadSim Anechoic
Chamber Simulator System

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BroadSim Anechoic


Transmit Chains

16 total
48 dB amplifier
80 dB variable attenuator
-18 dB monitor port
20 dB isolator



A Powerful and Proven Pair

Built on our proven BroadSim platform, BroadSim Anechoic allows users to accurately simulate real-world GNSS environments in their Anechoic Chambers. BroadSim Anechoic has 32 individual RF outputs enabling the system to drive 16 dual-frequency antennas. Revolutionary features like automatic antenna mapping, automatic time delay calibration, and automatic power loss calibration are what make BroadSim Anechoic the most advanced Anechoic Chamber simulator on the market today.


–        Automatic Antenna Mapping

–        Automatic Time Delay Calibration

–        Automatic Power Loss Calibration

Better, Faster, Lower-Cost

BroadSim Anechoic was designed from the ground up for the user, by users. An easy to use software environment and thoughtful hardware supports engineers during all phases of their testing. The built-in spectrum analyzer can be connected to any one of the 16 RF output chains through a quick connect RF connector, allowing the user to verify the signals going to the antenna. The 48dB transmit chain amplifier and 80dB transmit chain dial attenuator allow for complete signal control and high dynamic range. The software calibration cuts calibration times from days to minutes. All aspects of the BroadSim Anechoic system were made to enable better, faster, and lower cost testing.


Click to download the BroadSim Anechoic data sheet. 

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