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BroadSim Flex Power Application Note



Jaemin Powell

BroadSim has the capabilities...

Did you know that all BroadSim users can easily and automatically adjust the signal power of any code type for the satellites in your scenario? This free Flex Power feature can come in handy when creating scenarios for your unit under test.

For example, if you want to increase the P-code signal power by 6 dB and decrease the M-Code signal power by 43.5 dB in all GPS Satellites, simply go to the Signal Level tab in the Skydel user-interface then adjust the GPS L1 P and the GPS L1 M signal powers appropriately (see Figure 1).

OR you can automate this process using our Python API framework with the help of our quick-start automation feature.

Figure 1: P Code Signal Power Adjustment

Did I mention that no update is needed? Because our simulators share the same Skydel Simulation Engine, the Flex Power feature is available on all BroadSim systems (i.e., BroadSim, BroadSim Solo, BroadSim Wavefront, BroadSim Anechoic). The best part about being in the BroadSim Product Family is that these scenarios can easily transfer to any of our BroadSims!

Don’t let the capabilities of your simulator hold you back from testing your applications requirements. For more information on the Flex Power feature and other BroadSim Product Family capabilities, please contact Orolia Defense & Security.

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