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Technological revolution for submarine applications




< 25 W


< 40 lbs


10 x 10.3 x 16.3 (in)


> 200,000 h


Black-Onyx™ and Black-Onyx™ Dual Core inertial navigation system are designed for all kinds of oceanic class submarines. Thanks to the HRG Crystal™ inertial technology, these families offer the highest autonomous and stealthiest navigation performance ever reached in the market.

  • Submergibility & Autonomy: Black-Onyx™ offers the highest autonomous navigation performance ever reached in the non strategic submarines market.
    With Black-Onyx™ Dual Core family those performances are multiplied, reaching navigation accuracies for the most submarines demanding applications.

  • Stealth: totally silent inertial navigation systems.

  • Reliability: Black-Onyx™ family offers the highest MTBF of the market and is maintenance free thanks to HRG Crystal™.

No Maintenance

Fully Certified

Easy to Use

Virtually maintenance free thanks to HRG Crystal™ technology and a system MTBF over 200,000hrs.

Proven Safran INS technology installed on over 1000 ships worldwide, meeting the toughest naval certifications and standards.

Designed to easily interface with Combat Management Systems, “set and forget” once installed on a platform.

Options for specific requirements and additional precision

Black-Onyx™ family

  • Black-Onyx™ SP: 1Nm/4h precision

  • Black-Onyx™ HP: 1Nm/24h precision

  • Black-Onyx™ XP48 or XP72: 1Nm/48h or 1Nm/72h precision

Black-Onyx Dual Core™ family

  • Black-Onyx™ Dual Core SP96 or SP120: 1Nm/96h or 1Nm/120h precision

  • Black-Onyx™ Dual Core HP: 1Nm/240h precision

  • Black-Onyx™ Dual Core XP: Better than 1Nm/360h precision

argonyx trio.jpg

A technological revolution for submarine applications

Black-Onyx™ and Black-Onyx Dual Core™ guarantee:

  • Optimal stealth and long endurance.

  • Unparalleled integrity and operational efficiency: accurate attitudes and precise localization for sensors stabilization and weapons employment.

  • An easily interchangeability with SIGMA 40 XP.

Click to download the Black-Onyx data sheet. 

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