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Talen-X announces Wavefront Simulator, Nano

Talen-X announces Wavefront Simulator, Nano

February 13, 2019  - By GPS World Staff

Talen-X has added the BroadSim Wavefront Simulator to its software-defined platform.

The BroadSim Wavefront further extends the capabilities achieved by BroadSim Anechoic, incorporating support for controlled radiation pattern antenna (CRPA) and multi-element receiver testing.

BroadSim, powered by Skydel SDX, has brought new innovations to the forefront each year to meet the growing needs of Talen-X’s customers, and the new wavefront simulator is the latest advancement.

Its features include:

  • Phase-coherent simulation

  • Real-time automated phase calibration

  • Scalable from 4 to 16 elements

  • Advanced jamming and spoofing scenarios

Talen-X engineers are approaching delivery of an operational demonstration unit, as well.

BroadSense Nano

The BroadSense Nano GPS jamming sensor is the newest addition to Talen-X’s BroadSense product line. It has the smallest size, weight and power of any BroadSense product.

The video below features shows a prototype of the Nano, as well as information about its features and a demonstration of the unit reacting to various jamming waveforms in real time.

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