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U.S. Army’s Sentinel A4 Radar Program Receives Orolia M-Code Solution

U.S. Army’s Sentinel A4 Radar Program Receives Orolia M-Code Solution

ROCHESTER, NY, July 27, 2021

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In September 2019, Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract to develop the U.S. Army’s Sentinel A4 system, an air and missile defense radar that will provide improved capability against dynamic threats. The following November, Orolia Defense & Security announced the availability of M-Code Military GPS receivers in its flagship SecureSync® – the first Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) approved time server.

In May 2021, Orolia delivered a shipment of M-Code enabled SecureSync mission timing and synchronization units to Lockheed Martin, marking another key milestone for the Army program. SecureSync with M-Code provides enhanced resilient positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities and improved resistance to existing and emerging GPS threats, such as jamming and spoofing.

Lockheed Martin selected Orolia’s SecureSync M-Code as the system’s resilient time and frequency reference solution in part due to its modular, open architecture – the same characteristics that are the cornerstone of the radar’s design – making integration a simple process and ensuring future upgrades.

“As a trusted Lockheed Martin partner, Orolia is proud to support the development of the Sentinel A4, which will be a key asset to our warfighters for decades to come,” said Hironori Sasaki, President of Orolia Defense & Security. “Making M-Code available now in a readily configurable and scalable form factor is a critical step in advancing our forces out in the field, whether in the air or on the ground,” Sasaki added.

The next-generation of US military systems are fortified with M-Code, and Orolia leads the industry in M-Code solutions for Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) environments.

About Orolia Defense & Security

Orolia Defense & Security provides Resilient PNT solutions and custom engineering services to U.S. Government agencies, defense organizations, and their contractors. Orolia Defense & Security is authorized to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government classified and unclassified projects, in addition to supporting strategic partnerships for key defense PNT technologies.

Orolia Defense & Security operates as a proxy-regulated company and wholly owned subsidiary of Orolia, the world leader in Resilient PNT solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide.


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