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Azimuth accuracy

< 1°


4.3 x 4.3 x 3.3 in


resonator gyro

Alignment Time

15 scd

Reliability (MTBF)

> 100,000 h


Versatile, Epsilon™ family provides advanced applications, even in GNSS denied environment: navigation (position & heading), aiming aid, driving aid. It covers all tactical applications from logistic to infantry fighting vehicles, as well as main battle tank.

  • Can be integrated with small artillery caliber to provide precision pointing

  • Connectable to any Battle Management system

  • Immune to magnetic disturbances

Autonomy and reliability in any circumstances

Thanks to their advanced resonator gyros, Epsilon™ One and Epsilon™ 10 systems provide advanced navigation capabilities without being GNSS dependent. Epsilon family integration into vehicles is easier than legacy systems based on magnetic sensors.

Tailored to your needs

Versatile, Epsilon™ family integrates with all land platforms, from artillery to logistics. Its Epsilon™ One and Epsilon™ 10 units cover navigation, aiming and driving needs by guaranteeing optimal performance:

  • Heading : < 0.85°

  • H. Position: 1% DT

  • Pitch & Roll: 0.3°

  • Size: 1 L

Click to download the Epsilon data sheet. 

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