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Azimuth accuracy

< 0.5 mils at 70°

Full alignment time in GNSS denied environment

< 5 min


8.1/9.6 x 6.2 x 6.6 in


> 100,000 h


Geonyx™ family is designed for three main applications:

  • Navigation

  • Target geolocation

  • Artillery pointing


Capable of operating under extreme conditions and in a full GNSS denied environments, Geonyx™ is highly reliable.

  • Pointing accuracy < 0.5 mils thanks to HRG Crystal™ technology

  • Quick & flexible alignment in GNSS denied environment

  • The most compact, robust & reliable on the market and hard-mounted


Flexible systems integration

Robustness and reliability

Geonyx™ pointing accuracy is first-of-class under the harshest conditions and offers the market’s shortest alignment time in any configuration (with or without hybridization).

Geonyx™ is the most compact INS for its class of performance and can be mounted on any orientation on vehicles, turrets and artillery weapons.

Thanks to HRG Crystal™ technology, Geonyx™ is totally unaffected by vibrations and shocks of artillery guns, giving it a virtually unlimited and maintenance-free lifespan.

Geonyx stand.jpg

Tailored to meet every need

  • GEONYX™ One : 4 mils heading, 1 mils pitch & roll

  • GEONYX™ SP : 2 mils heading, 0.75 mils pitch & roll

  • GEONYX™ HP : 1 mils heading, 0.5 mils pitch & roll

  • GEONYX™ XP : 0.9 mils heading, 0.35 mils pitch & roll

  • GEONYX™ XP+ : < 0.5 mils heading, 0.20 mils pitch & roll

Click to download the Geonyx data sheet. 

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