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Safran Federal Systems Unveils Expanded Inertial Navigation Portfolio with Advanced MEMS and HRG Technologies at 2024 Joint Navigation Conference

Safran Federal Systems Unveils Expanded Inertial Navigation Portfolio with Advanced MEMS and HRG Technologies at 2024 Joint Navigation Conference

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 3, 2024

Safran Federal Systems, a leading provider of M-Code and advanced navigation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking products at the Institute of Navigation’s 2024 Joint Navigation Conference (JNC). These new offerings represent a major enhancement of Safran’s inertial navigation portfolio, utilizing state-of-the-art MEMS and HRG core technologies.

Safran is thrilled to unveil a complete line of tactical-grade inertial measurement units (IMUs). These units are engineered to address the evolving needs of unmanned applications and space-based operations. The advanced IMUs include:

·        Iconyx: A high-performance HRG-based IMU that significantly outperforms legacy technologies, offering superior accuracy and reliability for demanding navigation needs.

·        STIM (Small Tactical IMU): Optimized for applications requiring lower Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP), providing high performance in a compact form factor.

"With the launch of these tactical grade IMUs, we’re addressing the critical needs of our customers in the unmanned and space sectors," said Anthony Full, Director of Business Development, Navigation Systems at Safran Federal Systems. “The STIM and Iconyx products represent a leap forward in inertial navigation technology.”

Safran is also upgrading its Geonyx™ Inertial Navigation System (INS), which is based on HRG technology, to incorporate M-Code capability. This enhancement offers a fully integrated solution to tackle the challenges of GPS-denied or spoofing environments, ensuring robust and reliable navigation even in the most demanding conditions.

"Adding M-Code to our HRG-based Geonyx™ INS significantly enhances its capabilities, making it a premier solution for environments where GPS signals are unreliable or compromised. This development underscores our commitment to providing advanced navigation solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and security," added Full.

The launch of these innovative products highlights Safran Federal Systems' commitment to advancing the field of inertial navigation. Attendees of the Joint Navigation Conference are invited to visit Safran Federal Systems at Booth A to learn more about these exciting new offerings and witness firsthand how they are setting new standards in navigation technology.

About Safran Federal Systems

Safran Federal Systems provides Assured PNT solutions and custom engineering services to U.S. Government agencies, defense organizations and their contractors. Safran Federal Systems is authorized to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government classified and unclassified projects, in addition to supporting strategic partnerships for key defense PNT technologies.

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Safran Federal Systems operates as a proxy-regulated company and wholly owned subsidiary of Safran.

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